Our Process

Each component of a Gator Greens green work in perfect unity to create a finished putting surface that not only putts like a natural surface but will also hold shots from any distance. Choose from several of the best putting surfaces available and then custom shape the green and contours to your liking. Add fringe turf around the perimeter to contain your wayward putts or as an area to chip from. Our fringe material also enhances the beauty of your green.

Our installation methods have been tested and proven to hold up over time to provide you with a lasting, realistic putting surface.

Sand-filled outdoor greens on stone base:

For outdoor installs, the base is comprised of compacted screenings, which create a firm and unyielding surface that will provide your green with the stability necessary to hold up for years to come. During base construction your input is essential. Breaks, undulations and hole placement are done to your liking, truly making your green "one of a kind." Turf Bond is used to adhere turf seams together where necessary. Turf Bond was selected because it is non-toxic and its adhesive properties are not impacted by any environmental conditions once it has set. Our special round turf filler is then brushed into the surface, standing the fibers upright. It becomes locked into place as the fibers curl to the infill level. This is called "curing". Curing takes time, weather and usage to occur. As these fibers curl over, your true roll emerges. Our in-fill is rounded and is non-compacting, meaning that your surface will never become hard nor lose its ability to hold shots. The perimeter of the green, with or without fringe, is then tucked, back-filled and finished with natural grass that was removed during base construction.

Non in-filled indoor greens:

Our indoor installs are typically done in basements, garages, athletic facilities or golf shops, with a concrete base already in place. We can use a thin fast setting concrete to create subtle breaks. This is tricky, and the key is "subtle". Every putt you have to make is technically a straight putt. You are hitting to a point, then gravity takes over and the ball breaks. You must be able to master straight putts. We suggest practicing straight flat putts and forgoing the urge to get too creative. With indoor greens, our product selection changes slightly to avoid the use of sand indoors. No matter how hard we try, sand ends up everywhere during construction. The putting surface is a spring set curled nylon fiber that has incredible memory and durability. As the name suggests, it "springs" back into position after impacted, and does not reveal wear/foot traffic patterns. Non-infilled fringe turfs are available to create chipping areas and to keep golf balls from going too far astray. Indoor greens are completely glued down using a low-odor indoor/outdoor adhesive. Our edge detail can be as simple as terminating at existing carpet, or we can install a transition strip.

Regardless of which application you require, Gator Greens has the right products and the properly trained installers to ensure your satisfaction. Ask any of our satisfied customers. They will attest that our people and our technology meet and exceed even the most demanding golfer's expectations.

Client Comment:

Thanks for installing the putting green in our backyard. It looks even better than I imagined and has been a lot of fun. The surface is great and reacts well to shots from upwards of 40-50 yards. Together with the practice tee mat, we have a great practice facility - we've even setup a 9-hole course!

Putting has long been my nemesis on the golf course, particularly in competition. However, with the regular practice I was able to put in on my green, particularly putts from 4-6 feet, I finished in the top 20 of the New York State Mid-Amateur in 2008.

Thanks again for a great product!
- Rob Kopf, Grand Island NY

Brent's company installed a mini-practice facility in the basement of my business. It turned out better then I ever imagined. My employees use the putting green and hitting area during their lunch break and they thoroughly enjoy it. I would not hesitate to recommend Brent's company to anyone for a quality product and installation. We are all amazed at how true the green rolls and the tee turf is comparable to hitting off of a plush fairway!
- Gary P. Hall CEO WTS